How to Change the Patterns in Your Life and In Your Environment so it Creates Change Within You

How to Change the Patterns in Your Life and In Your Environment so it Creates Change Within You

 Changing the patterns in your life and in your environment creates change within you.

Dogs are such creatures of habit. I took my dog out last night—the-right-before-bed-last-time-out-to-pee thing. When we came back in, she immediately ran into the master bedroom and spent the night there.

She hasn’t done that in months because I don’t sleep in that room anymore. She has been sleeping with me else where, so why did she do that?

I suppose it’s because I took a long nap in that room and she (and the cat) curled up with me.

Was the first time I’d spent any time on that bed since the separation. She was back to an old habit and habits are very much a part of a dogs life.


Same with humans.


We create habits or patterns that we adhere to day in and day out. It helps us conserve energy because we don’t have to put a lot of thought into it. It lets us be on auto-pilot so we can call up anything new and creative.


When we are purposefully changing our life, we must change our set patterns.

This doesn’t mean every single pattern needs to change, but patterns are energy and that energy is set within us physically, emotionally, psychically.

The patterns that might have once been positive for us are no longer serving us. Our transition– that change we’re trying to accomplish– allows us to evolve, to move forward and grow.

When mental and physical patterns have been set for a long period of time, it creates a psychic wall which keeps new positive experiences from entering. This is what causes that “stuck” feeling.


Those stuck feelings don’t feel good.


Feelings like:

* I’m not worthy of anything better

* If he/she can’t love me, who can?

* If I don’t have that job by now, it’ll never happen.

* My body/health has always been this way, I can’t change it.

* Can’t teach an old dog new tricks (hmmm…wonder where that saying came from!)

 How do we get unstuck?

How to change the patterns in your life and in your environment so it creates change within you:

One way is to realize what pattern we need to stop or reset.

This can be tough as we’re so close to what we do out of habit that we can’t always see that it’s no longer working or needed.

Kinda like my dog running into the master bedroom last night.


I had a pattern of stopping any success in my life. As soon as I started down any road that was successful, he’d start something—an affair, being disconnected or some negative action. So, I’d pull back, spend more time with him, put my energy into him, see him as all important, so on and so forth.

Pulling back became a pattern, so much so that I didn’t even realize I was doing it. Internally, I had a message that said, “If you go off and do this, you can’t keep an eye on him and he’ll be able to get into all kinds of trouble.”


I’d pull back from social outings with friends, from working longer hours to get things done, etc.

I got good at closing myself off from success.


He’s no longer here. I don’t need to pull back anymore. But just like my dog, I was stuck in that pattern.

The best way to spot a no-longer-useful pattern is to watch your daily activities and your dreams. When you ask to be shown the patterns you need to change, the Universe will help point it out—pay attention.

( btw—dogs in our dreams can symbolize habits)


The other thing to do is to create a change for your physical senses.

The energy of something new, places a marker, so to speak, on our energy.


  • Try a new food.
  •  Wear something you’d normally not wear.
  • Buy a scented candle in a scent you don’t normally buy.
  •  Buy something in a completely different color than what you usually like.
  • Rearrange your routine—shower before bed instead of in the morning, go to bed at a different time, don’t watch the same TV shows.
  • Rearrange your furniture.
  • Take a new route to work.
  • Try a new exercise.
  • Clean out a drawer you haven’t opened in ages.

We tend to do what is “comforting” during a time of transition (which is good) but to change a pattern, we should try something that is typically out of our comfort zone.

Do the new thing more than once or do something completely new and different for a whole week.

The other thing to do AS YOU DO THE NEW: Write out an affirmation about the NEW YOU and say it, think on it, visualize it, AS you go about the new thing.

The affirmation can be as simple as: “I expect new, positive changes in my life.”

Or, “Anything that has been can be changed.”


I’ll be listing and posting about my new things.


Is there something you’d like to change?








First Change My Life Fall Project: Bedroom Nook and My Past Could Not Have Been Any Different

First Change My Life Fall Project: Bedroom Nook and My Past Could Not Have Been Any Different

As My first “Change My Life Fall Project” on my journey of creating a new life, I’m going to focus on: Outer- the master bedroom nook and Inner-” My Past Could Not Have Been Any Different.”

The master bedroom was taken over by him and I moved to the upstairs bedroom. I created a cozy nest upstairs, right next to my office, so I really have no desire to return to the master bedroom.

It did however, take me 3 months to reclaim this room and be able to be in it for more than a few moments.

I have turned it into my meditation/study room. But it still needs a re-do and some energy clearing.

First, a little story behind this master bedroom.

Before we moved, I visualized what I wanted in a new place. First and foremost was a sunny, open space.

Secondly, I wanted a huge walk-in closet. I wanted it to be big enough for storage as well as to keep ALL the clothes in as well as the dresser. I wanted the bedroom to be free of piles of clothes and a dresser.

On top of that, I wanted a little nook where I could put a couch and a bookcase so I could snuggle into a sunny spot and read/write.

The next day, we came to look at this house. It was a 100+ year old cottage that had just been renovated. It was small and the reno was nothing extreme.

But when we entered and checked the master bedroom I screamed at the top of my lungs….I was STUNNED to find a HUGE walk-in closet and this little nook, which, is the ONLY spot in this house of low ceilings where this one bookcase can fit.


I never really utilized this spot as I wanted to while we were together and in this bedroom. But now, I plan on creating the cozy nook I originally visualized as step 1 of this new journey I’m on.


This post has the before pictures. I’ve just begun to work on this area, so the After images will come shortly.

As you can see, it has an antique couch with mismatched assorted pillows that belonged to my daughter, tossed onto it. The Titanic images on the wall are of my past. Interestingly, that movie was a catalyst for me fifteen years ago. It represented freedom to me. So much about that movie was my inner reality. I no longer feel imprisoned and I am indeed free now, so it’s time to remove that image and it’s energy from the space.


The first inner space work for me is to realize that my past, no matter how painful, could not have been any different.

It made me who I am today. It brought me to this little cottage that I love, which is now all mine. I am extremely grateful for ALL of the past journey to get here.

Accepting the past, without regret and guilt is the first step towards any healing. If forgiveness and sincere apologies need to be made for anything, that is crucial of course, but stepping OUT of the past and accepting it AS IT WAS ( mistakes and all) is the only way to move forward. The past no longer exists, except within our mind, body and spaces.

To heal means to change any set patterns that are keeping me in the past.


A part of changing set patterns (negative and otherwise) is to create a new space and a new routine. This shifts our energy, changes our physical senses and creates new patterns to help manifest what we want.


So, on my current To-Do list for this space is:

1. New pillow covers for couch

2. New images for the wall

3. Set up bookcase to hold what makes me happy and what I access during my studies.

4. To turn chest into a file holder

Stay tuned for my progress!

Are you holding onto anything from your past that you wish had been different?

Is it keeping you from moving forward?

Is there a space (inner and/or outer) you can change so that past energy is removed?

Please share with me!


Paisley Goddess’ 20 Little Things I Love About Fall

I’m participating in The Inspired Room’s Fall Nesting Series and here is my list of 20 things I love about Fall.


1.     I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. People come HERE to view Fall!  nuff said… ;)

2.     There is a buzz of excitement in the air. The energy changes and I can feel it in my bones and it feels good!

3.     Some of my favorite recipes (which I’ll be sharing over the series) are fall recipes because they add a kick of spice to life!

4.    I can pull out my light, textured scarves and my suede boots and change my look!

5.     I write paranormal stories and well, we know what day falls in the Fall! ;)

6.     My most favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. There isn’t any big commercial, buy this, hurry buy that, pressure. It’s just a day of gathering with family and friends over a LOT of yummy food and chatting the day away.

7.    After a season of re-runs and not much to watch on TV, I look forward to the new Fall season of my fav TV shows!

8.    Hot Spiced Tea

9.    Oatmeal with pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and brown sugar in it

10.   Hot Apple cider

11.  Corn Mazes!

12.  Ghost Tours

13.   The beach (The beach at Beaufort, SC in October is…to die for!)

14.  Bubble baths

15.   Putting the heavier comforter on the bed

16.   Making a big pot of Mexican Tomato soup!

17.    Looking at all the cool costume ideas in one of my favorite catalogs—The Pyramid Collection.

18.    Bringing into my décor rich, warm colors like pumpkin, butterscotch, caramel, gold, chocolate, amaretto, vanilla, tangerine, pomegranate (interesting how the color names I just listed are flavors!) I think you can “eat” Fall! ;)

19.    Balmy weather—when it’s rainy, but not too cold and not hot and humid…just b a l m y!

20.   Last but not least, getting to view the National Gingerbread House Competition here at the famous Grove Park Inn.


Wow, looking at this list makes me feel like one very lucky lady!!!  LIFE IS GOOD!!


Paisley Goddess’ Change My Life Fall Project Series

Paisley Goddess’ Change My Life Fall Project Series

Fall, oh how I love thee!

I just couldn’t resist.

While Paisley Goddess is not ready to be “launched” yet, I just had to jump in and partake in a Fall Nesting Series and join The Inspired Room in her annual Fall Nesting party!

I began this site not only to create and feature paisley inspired decor items, but to share my journey during a major transition in my life. My goal is to Change My Space (inner & outer) in order to Change My Life.

Fall is a wonderful time to reflect, sort, nest and make changes.  I’ll chronicle the projects around my home and showing paisley designs for fall.

And of course, I’ll be joining in on the Fall Nesting Series with other bloggers, which will start tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct 2) with a post about, 20 Little Things I Love About Fall.

For right now…I’m going to go have some hazelnut coffee and snuggle up with my kitty cat because it’s a rainy, leaves falling kinda day!



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